Welcome Party





Another year of experience has come for the new batch travelers of the College of St. Scholastica’s Transcultural Nursing. On the 8th day of January, 2017, the welcome party has finaly arrived although the two nationality has already had some bonds from the first week activities.

The program was held on the Multi-purpose Hall of Mary Johnston College of Nursing with their objectives of making new friends and have fun for the rest of the day. The program start off with the opening prayer lead by Mr. Lopez followed by the opening remarks of Mr. Dillozon. A new action song was introduced for the travelers “Heel and Toe” which gives everyone to find someone that they can mend every time the song ends, we had several turns and everyone was laughing and enjoying the song. After the fun filled song, each and every one was asked to stand and introduced their selves.in front but this time it has to be in a creative way. Everyone showed their talents like imitating Dory’s voice (a character from Finding Nemo) and some did split. After the introduction we had a game namely Cross the River wherein they have to cross the river with different actions and those who are left in the other side shall be punished. Leaving a tons of people and wasn’t able to cross they have to do the duck walk where they have to joined their elbows and knees, bend their head and have to stick their tongue out while walking around the whole area. After the game the most awaited part of the program finally started. As a Filipino traditional way of the welcoming foreigners, the Filipino students prepared a balut (41 days duck egg), chicken’s intestine (isaw) and cow’s lungs for the visitors “Take the challenge”. The first and the bravest one to volunteer to eat the balut was Mr. Trosen followed by Ms. Welle. Although the others was afraid of eating the balut, they tried the isaw and cow’s lungs. After the “Take the Challenge” the program ended with Ms. Paula Barne’s inspiring and encouraging closing remarks not only for the travelers but also for the Filipino students followed by Mr. Glory’s closing prayer.

As the day end, everyone was tired but still happy and excited for the following days of activities and duties in the hospital and community. As the New Year start with full of adventures, we are excited on how our knowledge will help other nationality and giving them new knowledge too when it comes with giving care for our patients.



On the second week of CSS Students in the Philippines, their target of having clinical experience started, each and every one were assigned to different areas. Some are in the ICU, while the others are in the ward, there are few who had their early exposure in the delivery Room, Operating Room and emergency Room. Every day there’s a rotation to different area together with their “Filipino buddy” and in four days a week each can Experience different way of caring with Patients.

Every after Lunch everyone was talking with their new and different experiences, there are ones who assisted in an Operation while others were able to watch a Normal spontaneous Delivery, those who stayed in the ER were so amazed of new techniques they learned and their Participation with some Code and Emergency interventions. On the other side, those who were assigned in the ward was able to follow and adjust with the other way of taking vital signs and writing the Nurses Chart. In two to three weeks of their duty in the hospital others were able to do the Morning care alone, write a better Nurses notes and adapt the different way of taking care with the patients. The Hospital staff was very glad with their improvement and appreciated their effort in cooperating with them. Even the Doctors were Open on showing them the way of Operating and taking care of the Patients in different ways, because of this their exposure wasn’t only for them to learn but give them more which is having a good interaction with their Coworkers.

Their weeks of stay here was really fast but surely enough for them to appreciate their duty in the hospital. Everyone wants to lengthen their stay in the place but it’s time to go back home, carry their knowledge and apply their skills.