Welcome to the College of Nursing and Allied Health of Philippine Christian University!

EDNA O. IMPERIAL, R.N, MAN  Dean College of Nursing and Allied Health
Dean, College of Nursing and Allied Health (CNAH)

Thank you for your interest in the field of health profession particularly for Nursing and Nutrition! Our university offers excellent academic programs for the degrees Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Our Nursing program consistently garners 100% passing rate in the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination and maintains Level III Accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities – Accrediting Agency Incorporated (ACSCU-AAI). Alumni of our College occupy prominent positions in the fields of Nursing and Nutrition in the Philippines, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Canada, America and Europe.

Health is a fundamental right of every Filipino and all citizens of the world. Hence the global need for health professionals is ever present and continuously escalates with the ever changing demands of the growing population not just of the Philippines and Asia but more so of the rest of the world. There is an extensive demand for highly competent and committed Nurses and Nutritionist-Dietitians who are dedicated to care for individuals, families, groups and communities needing health care around the globe. The opportunities for Nursing and Nutritionist-Dietitians are limitless here and especially abroad!

Perhaps you are interested to work in the frontlines of patient care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, community health centers or schools, government facilities or private institutions,  in the military or in mission. Allow us to help you establish  meaningful and rewarding career paths when you join the considerable number of our alumni, Nurses and Nutritionist-Dietitians, who are successfully practicing their professions in the country and in other parts of the globe.

Prof. Edna Imperial
Dean, College of Nursing and Allied Health


Blood Letting Program

Blood letting activity of PCU MJCN BSN students held at PCU Campus .

Welcome Party

  TRANSCULTURAL NURSING 2017 WELCOME PARTY   Another year of experience has come for the new batch travelers of the College of St. Scholastica’s Transcultural Nursing. On the 8th day of January, 2017, the welcome party has finaly arrived although the two nationality has already had some bonds from the first week activities. [su_animate type="fadeInLeft"…


On the second week of CSS Students in the Philippines, their target of having clinical experience started, each and every one were assigned to different areas. Some are in the ICU, while the others are in the ward, there are few who had their early exposure in the delivery Room, Operating Room and emergency Room.…