Vision and Mission

We believe that:

MAN is a unique being with dignity and worth, created by God – his center. He goes through life in a predictable sequence in continuous adaptation to a changing environment as an integral whole. HEALTH is a basic human right and a responsibility of both the individual and the state.

NURSING is a dynamic discipline, which is an art, and a science of caring for individuals, families,and communities geared towards promotion and restoration of health, prevention of and recovery from illness, and support and comfort when death is inevitable. As man’s needs vary in response to the many changes taking place in his society, nursing is likewise modified to meet this changing requirements. It utilizes scientific principles and interpersonal tools, which may be carried out independently or in coordination with other members of the health team.
Nutrition and Dietetics is concerned in providing leadership and assumes responsibilities for the promotion of the nutritional well – being of individuals and groups within the framework of community life. These responsibilities include the preventive, therapeutic and food service administration aspects of nutritional care of clients across the lifespan in varied settings.

THE STUDENT is a person with distinct capabilities and level of maturity. He/She learns best when provided with related learning experiences for observing and applying concepts learned in the classroom, as well as for synthesizing new concepts.

in support of our belief:

The Nursing and Nutritionist-Dietitian education is consistent with the philosophy of higher education and committed to quality education that involves teaching – learning in seeking the truth. It aims to develop the full potentialities of the student for a productive, satisfying life as a competent health practitioner, translating the Christian ideal of service to God through His genuine concern for people and reverence for human life.

The educational program helps the student to be caring, responsible, nationalistic,creative and critical thinking individual. It helps the student to acquire basic knowledge, skills and attitudes essential in giving comprehensive health care in beginning position whenever professional nursing and nutritionist-dietitian is practiced.